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O.W.I., Boston, MA 2018

Springer Opera House (World Premiere), Columbus, GA 2017

Photos: Matthew Swindell


A full length play in two acts.

11+ actors (7M, 4W) playing over 25 characters.

A 12 year-old black child flees his hometown of Columbus, GA in 1909, joins a band of Gypsies, becomes a jockey and then works his way north as a vaudeville performer and prize fighter. Upon reaching New York, Eugene Bullard hops a freighter to Europe and starts earning a living in the boxing ring just as World War 1 breaks out. What follows is the stuff of legend: The French Foreign Legion, heroism at the Battle of Verdun and a glorious career as the worlds first black fighter pilot in the famous Lafayette Escadrille. ACE: The Eugene Bullard Story is the breathtaking adventure tale of a local kid who overcomes the odds to become one of the most astonishing figures of the 20th century.


A full-length play in one act.

3W, 2M

Lawnpeople tracks the journey of a Mexican woman, Solymar, working as a housekeeper for a wealthy, black Southern couple.  Solymar has just lost her mother to gang violence in Oaxaca, leaving her pre-teen daughter without a clear caretaker in their  hometown. She and her new husband, Felix, are undocumented immigrants in Corpus Christi, TX, working with the hope to plant roots in the US. Solymar finds returning to her daughter in Mexico to be a growing implausibility. Meanwhile, the wife of the Black couple that they work for is becoming so emotionally involved with Solymar’s troubles that it’s threatening the wellbeing of her marriage. Race, class, and the deepest matters of the heart are at odds in this play about love, ambition, and responsibility.

Cherry Lane Theatre (Mentor Project Workshop Production),

New York, NY 2013

Photos: Chasi Annexy



A full-length play in one act.

4W, 3M

At The Old Ship of Zion, where Columbus, Georgians have heard the word of the Lord for over a hundred years, the foundation is crumbling. Mama Gwen, the old, prophetic deaconess, Old Ship’s spiritual anchor, is tired of making miracles for everyone else when she needs one of her own. Devout church boy and college student Quincy is about to bust out of his skin until he meets Siblie, a college girl uprooted from Spelman, determined to coax her mother out of a coma. Getting ready for the annual revival, the congregation struggles to come to terms with identity, sexuality, family, illness and death—to overcome the anger in dissonance and discover the peace in harmony. Pulsing, beating, hoping, praying, testifying, they’ve lost their faith but can they find themselves?

Essential Theatre, Atlanta, GA 2015

Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 2008

Photo: Jennifer Kimball

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